Graduate Seminar: Christina von Nolcken

Christina von Nolcken, University of Chicago

Christina von Nolcken, University of Chicago

Friday, January 7, 1994Friday, March 11, 1994
Center for Renaissance Studies Programs
Graduate Seminar

The Anglo-Saxon Seminar: Old English Poetry

Christina Von Nolcken, University of Chicago

This seminar was for students who had at least one  previous course in Old English.  It introduced them to a wide range of Old English poetry other than Beowulf as well as to the textual and critical discussion that accumulated around this poetry.  Participants refer to facsimile editions as well as to the Newberry Library’s holdings in early editions of Anglo-Saxon texts when they considered the textual and editorial histories of some of these poems.  Participants discussed the poems from various literary stances. Each week students were responsible for translating certain  poems or parts of poems as well as for reading around them in both primary and secondary sources.  Topics considered included the following: germanic legend, the heroic, the Bible, allegory, the enigmatic and the elegiac in Old English poetry.

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