Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Japan in the 21st Century: Ancient Meets Modern

Tuesday, February 8, 2011
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In August 2010, China surpassed Japan to take the number two spot(after the United States) as the world’s second largest economy. Will Japan be able to keep up with economic growth in China and India? Japan has the technological and scientific capacity to be a leading economic power, but the aging of society and a low birth rate has posed a number of challenges to the Japanese economy and society. This seminar will explore the ancient cultural and economic sources of Japan’s high growth in the 20th Century, while at the same time exploring the socio-political hierarchies that have prevented Japan from building a more entrepreneurial and democratic society. The seminar will also include a discussion of trends in high growth sectors including biotech and green technology.

Seminar led by Kathryn Ibata-Arens, DePaul University