Graduate Seminar: David Buisseret

David Buisseret, Newberry Library
David Buisseret, Newberry Library
Center for Renaissance Studies Programs
Graduate Seminar
Tuesday, February 14, 1984 to Tuesday, March 13, 1984

The Making of a Slave Society: Jamaica during the 17th Century

David Buisseret, Newberry Library

Recognizing that many features of the economic structure and modes of thought of twentieth-century Jamaica may be traced back to the seventeenth century; this seminar examined the ways in which a new Jamaican society was formed under British rule after 1655.  Developments in Jamaica were compared with those in other islands of the Caribbean.  Special emphasis was placed on cartographic evidence and on primary sources, especially the Calendars of State Papers.  During the second half of the course, students may direct part of their reading towards the subjects of their required research papers.

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