The Newberry Library Colloquium | Newberry

The Newberry Library Colloquium

Conservation at the Caroline Rediviva
Wednesday, February 19, 2014

4 pm

Towner Fellows’ Lounge

Adam Larsson, Uppsala University Library in Sweden

Adam Larsson, a conservator from Sweden, will be joining us for the next Newberry Colloquium. After presenting information about the history and research collections of the Carolina Rediviva at the Uppsala University Library in Sweden, Larsson will discuss the library’s Section for Preservation and share some of the amazing conservation projects he has undertaken. In his work, he has performed conservation treatments on a great variety of materials, including 2000 year-old papyrus fragments, books from Copernicus’ own library, medieval manuscripts, fire and water damaged books, and maps and prints from the Carolina Rediviva. Additionally, Larsson has lectured and taught classes at institutions and guilds in Sweden, Finland, England, Italy, Jordan, and the United States.