Delving into French History from the Sun King to the Revolution

Pamphlet on the execution of Louis XVI

Pamphlet on the execution of Louis XVI

An Exhibition Program
Saturday, February 23, 2013

1 pm

Ruggles Hall


Think contemporary American political debate is vicious? Our experience is mild compared with seventeenth and eighteenth-century French political infighting, a period famous for royal claims to divine right and for regicide. The Newberry holds the best pamphlet collection in North America on French politics and religion, much of which has been cataloged recently, which means that individual pamphlets appear in the library’s online catalog and are more accessible to readers. Join UIC scholars Ellen McClure and Yann Robert, and Newberry librarian Jessica Grzegorski as they discuss some of the most vigorous debates of this period, fought with the seventeenth and eighteenth-century version of twitter: cheap, ubiquitous pamphlets and broadsides.

This program is offered in conjunction with a Newberry exhibition, Politics, Piety, and Poison: French Pamphlets, 1600-1800, which highlights the completion of a major grant-funded project to catalog a majority of the library’s French pamphlet collection.

Ellen McClure is Associate Professor of History and French and Francophone Studies at the University of Illinois at Chicago. She studies seventeenth-century literature, politics, and religion, with a focus on the Sun King, Louis XIV.

Yann Robert is Assistant Professor of French at the University of Illinois at Chicago. He examines the intersection of literature, justice, and politics in eighteenth-century France, with a particular focus on the theater of the French Revolution.

Jessica Grzegorski is Senior Cataloging Projects Librarian at the Newberry and co-curator of the Politics, Piety, and Poison exhibition.

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This program is free and no reservations are required.