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Genealogy, DNA Testing, & Medical Family Trees

Saturday, March 31, 2012

1 – 4 pm

Today’s DNA test results can reveal a great deal of information about kinship and medical predispositions. This course will help you understand testing options, choose the best testing companies, review resources for analyzing and posting the test results, and learn how to incorporate the information into your kinship and medical family histories. This could be one of the most valuable gifts of information you give to yourself, to your children, and to other relatives.

Marsha Peterson-Maass is a Member of the Association of Professional Genealogists and has taught numerous seminars at the Newberry. 

One session, $65.
This class has been canceled.

Materials List
Peterson-Maass, Marsha. Fundamentals of Genealogy: Basics for Everyone. (The instructor will bring copies to class for students to use, and then purchase if desired.)
Smolenyak, Megan and Ann Turner. Trace Your Roots with DNA: Using Genetic Tests to Explore Your Family Tree. Rodale Books, 2004. ISBN: 1594860068