Newberry Renaissance Conference: Renaissance and Counter-Reformation in the Empire

Saturday, April 3, 1976
Center for Renaissance Studies Programs
Early Modern Studies Program

The Renaissance Conference was held at the Newberry Library for many years prior to the founding of the Center for Renaissance Studies in 1979.

Organized by Hanns Gross, Loyola University Chicago, and Robert Bireley, Loyola University Chicago.


Richard Brown, Newberry Library

Session 1

Renaissance and Counter-Reformation in Central Europe
Robert J. W. Evans, University of Oxford

Emperor Ferdinand II, Wilhelm Lamormaini, SJ, and the Ideology of the Counter-Reformation in the Empire
Robert Bireley, Loyola University Chicago

Marvin O’Connell, University of Notre Dame
Emile Karafiol, University of Chicago

Session 2

Rudolf II and the Visual Arts: Problems and Hypotheses
Edward Maser, University of Chicago

Extended Commentary

Bohemian Protestants: The Next Assignment
E. William Monter, Northwestern University

Science and Pseudo-Science in Rudolf’s World
B. J. T. Dobbs, Northwestern University

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