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President's Reception

"The Curious Adventures of Mirus Omnivagus"
Tuesday, April 8, 2014
By Invitation Only
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To express appreciation for their generous support of the Newberry, David Spadafora invites President’s Fellows and other benefactors to the President’s Reception where Newberry Reference Librarian Jill Gage will speak on “The Curious Adventures of Mirus Omnivagus.”

“The Curious Adventures of Mirus Omnivagus” is a 500-page novel handwritten and illustrated by an eighteenth-century English schoolboy. In 2007, Jill Gage’s discovery of this manuscript in the Newberry collection became the starting point for her dissertation on eighteenth-century English schoolboy authorship. In addition to discussing the manuscript, Ms. Gage will talk about a host of other Newberry materials the schoolboys read and imitated, including travel guides, maps, chapbooks, novels, periodicals, and writing manuals, all of which offer a glimpse into their world.

This event is by invitation only. To learn more about the benefits associated with membership in the President’s Fellows, please contact Vince Firpo at (312) 255-3599 or via email at