Chicago Map Society: Wesley Brown, How the 1859 Gold Rush Put Colorado on the Map

Thursday, June 16, 2011
Chicago Map Society Meeting

In the spring of 1858, Colorado’s Front Range area was uncharted and inhabited only by natives.  But by the close of 1859, 100,000 fortune seekers had thoroughly explored the Front Range, north of Pueblo to the Wyoming border.  In their quest for gold, they left their footprints on the landscape, establishing dozens of settlements and blazing numerous trails.  This slide show and lecture will teach you about Colorado’s gold rush and how this important chapter of history influenced Colorado maps of today.

(Wesley Brown has been a collector, student, and author of old maps for thirty years.  A Denver resident, he co-founded the Rocky Mountain Map Society in 1990 and served as its President for its first seven years. He has served as an advisor and collection development for the Library of Congress and the Denver Public Library.)