NEH Summer Seminar: Developing Cartographic Literacy with Historic Maps

Monday, June 22, 2009Friday, July 10, 2009
NEH Summer Programs - Smith

This 3-week seminar led by James Akerman (The Newberry Library) and Gerald Danzer (Emeritus, The University of Illinois at Chicago) was designed to develop cartographic literacy and encourage effective use of map documents in the classroom through study in the history of cartography. A program of seminars based on recent scholarship in the history of cartography and guided individual research allowed teachers to explore the relevance of map study€ to their own interests and curricular needs. Workshops will served as forums for refining and applying the skills necessary to read maps as products of science, artistic creations, storytellers, wayfinding tools, and expressions of power; and as representations of worldviews and local landscapes.

Please see attached syllabus for more information.