The Newberry Colloquium | Newberry

The Newberry Colloquium

A Year of Conservation at the Newberry
Wednesday, August 6, 2014

4 pm

Towner Fellows Lounge

Terra Huber, Advanced Conservation Intern, Newberry Library and Mellon Fellow in Library & Archives Conservation, Buffalo State College

Since last September, Terra Huber has worked as an Advanced Intern in the Conservation Lab at the Newberry. As her yearlong internship draws to a close, she would like to share a selection of her favorite treatments, including an 18th century pamphlet entitled “The Rat-Trap”, an allegorical print copied from a painting, an early 18th century collection of works by John Milton, a book and chromolithograph from the Pullman Company Archives, and more. After the presentation, you are invited to join her in the Conservation Lab for a brief show-and-tell of some of her projects.