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The Newberry 125 Exhibition

Thursday, September 6, 2012Monday, December 31, 2012

The Hermon Dunlap Smith and East galleries


The Newberry celebrates its quasquicentennial with an exhibition of 125 of the millions of books, maps, manuscript pages, drawings, and photographs in its collection–these featured items not only creating a neat parallelism (125 items for 125 years of existence) but also embodying the Newberry’s mission to provide relevant research and learning opportunities for the public of Chicago and beyond. In short, the items making up The Newberry 125 are some of the Newberry’s most immediately awe-inspiring and most utilized, consulted, pored over.

Among the group of materials unveiled by the exhibition’s Grand Opening Thursday, September 6, are the original printed (and never-bound) instantiation of Voltaire’s Candide; an elliptical postcard from Jack Kerouac to his editor; rare correspondence from a slave husband to his free wife; Joseph Whitehouse’s journal from the Lewis and Clark Expedition; and much more. In addition, an extra exhibition of photographs, books, and ephemera pertaining more directly to the Newberry’s history, Realizing the Newberry Idea, 1887 - 2012, will accompany The Newberry 125.

The Newberry 125 is sponsored by the Jacob & Rosaline Cohn Foundation.

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