The Latin Roots of the Romance Language Family Tree: An Introduction

Saturday, September 21, 2013
(This program continues for multiple sessions)
Saturdays, September 21 – November 23

1 – 3 pm

Led by Susan Pezzino

This course in beginning Latin offers something not usually found in introductory level classes: a brief sketch of both the ancient roots and the modern branches of a linguistic family tree. Intended for people with no prior knowledge of Latin but with speaking knowledge (two semester’ study) of a Romance language, this seminar will offer its participants a unique opportunity to view their languages of interest from immediate and long-range perspectives.

Susan Pezzino, a former United States Fulbright Scholar, holds an M.A. in applied linguistics and works as a professional language teacher and multimedia curriculum designer in Chicago.

Materials List
Latin Vocabulary. QuickStudy, 2002. ISBN: 1572226978
Latin Grammar. QuickStudy, 2004. ISBN: 1572223804
Course packet, to be purchased in class

This class is part of the Newberry’s Adult Education Seminars Program.

Cost and Registration Information 

Ten sessions, $240.
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