Weekend Watercolor Intensive | Newberry

Weekend Watercolor Intensive

Saturday, October 20, 2012
(This program continues for multiple sessions)
Saturdays, October 20 – November 3

1 – 4 pm

Led by Cynthia Kukla
This class has been cancelled.

If you ever wanted to learn to paint watercolors or brush up on drawing, composition, and color mixing, this is your opportunity to learn and hone new artistic skills using inexpensive supplies that can be found at home. Participants will view watercolor samples from start to finish, and will make meaningful paintings from heirlooms, travel mementos, and flowers. A recommended supply list will be provided.

Cynthia Kukla is a professor of art and one of only two hundred members of the USA Watercolor Honor Society.

Materials List

Pigments: Please bring whatever watercolors you already have and supplement them with the “minimum color list” below. Price varies with each color.
Minimum Color List

Cadmium yellow light/ Lemon yellow/ Hansa yellow light (pick only 1 from the 3 listed)
Yellow ochre
Burnt sienna
Indian red
Cadmium red light
Alizarine crimson
Pthalocyanine blue/Winsor blue (pick 1)
Ultramarine blue
Ultramarine violet/Acra violet/Dioxazine purple (pick 1)
Mars black/Ivory black (pick 1)
Paynes gray

Optional Additions

Hookers green (medium)
Viridian green or pthalocyanine green
Cadmium orange/Hansa or Azo orange
Burnt sienna
Acrylic white (titanium preferred)

Paper – Please bring any of your own water color paper from home. The paper below is recommended for purchase.

Watercolor paper – D’ Arches 140 lb 22 X 30” 4 deckle edges (5 sheets per student for beginners. 5 or more sheets for advanced students who may also want to use 300 lb paper)
Strathmore 130 lb 22 X 30” cold press (5-10 sheets per student)
D’ Arches 140 lb watercolor block 12 X 16”
Kilimanjaro 4 X 6” vdc blocks (2 or more per student)
WIN artists pocket box portable watercolor kit
Stratrnore 300 spiral bound w/c pad 11 X 15”
Palette knife or small pocket knife
Gummed packaging or kraft tape or staple gun (for stretching paper)


1 1.5- 2” cheap natural bristle brush
3 - 4 sable or sabline brushes in varying sizes- round bristle
1 - 2 medium - large flat bristle brushes


Plastic mixing tray or styro egg carton
Several large, soft rags
Plastic water container (2)
Pencil easers (rut gum or plastic and kneading)
Masking tape or 4 thumb tacks or push pins
Palette knife or small pocket knife
Gummed packaging or kraft tape or staple gun (for stretching paper)
Jar of sand

This class is part of the Newberry’s Adult Education Seminars Program.

Cost and Registration Information 

Three sessions, $140