Workshop on Music as a Cultural Institution in the Middle Ages and Renaissance

Mary Springfels

Mary Springfels

Friday, November 22, 1991Saturday, November 23, 1991
Center for Renaissance Studies Programs
Medieval Studies Program
Early Modern Studies Program

This continued a program initiated in 1988-89 with the goal of integrating music into teaching of other medieval and Renaissance subjects. Teams of faculty from diverse disciplines at selected consortium campuses collaborated to design on-campus symposia to demonstrate points of intersection or parallels between music and other disciplines in the medieval and early modern periods. The Newberry Consort, led by Newberry Musician-in-Residence Mary Springfels, later visited selected classrooms and performed a public concert at each campus. The four institutions participating during 1991-92 were University of Michigan, Michigan State University, University of Minnesota, and University of Wisconsin-Madison.


Mary Springfels, director, vielles, lutes, viols
Kevin Mason, lutes
Christine Brandes, Ellen Hargis, sopranos

Friday, November 22

Session 1

Music and the Myth of Venice
Stanley Chojnacki, Michigan State University (now at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

Musicians: Brandes, Mason

Session 2

Recitative in Seventeenth-Century Europe
Louise K. Stein, University of Michigan

Musicians: Brandes, Mason, Springfels

Saturday, November 23

Campus planning session for faculty from the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Session 3

Elizabethan Chivalry
Stanford E. Lehmberg, University of Minnesota

Musicians: Hargis, Mason, springfels

Session 4

Problems of Literature and Music in the Italian Trecento
Christopher Kleinhenz, University of Wisconsin-Madison (now emeritus)

Musicians: Hargis, Mason, Springfels

Session 5

Song Traditions at North Italian Courts: Mantua, Ferrara, and Urbino
Donna C. Jackson, University of Minnesota

Musicians: Hargis, Mason, springfels

Campus planning session for faculty from Michigan State University

Campus planning session for faculty from the University of Michigan

Session 6

Gentle Play and Lazy Pleasure: Music as Temptation and Seduction
James A. Winn, University of Michigan (now at Boston University)

Musicians: Brandes, Hargis, Mason, Springfels

Open Discussion: Pedagogical Strategies and Challenges, Medieval and Renaissance Music in the Classroom

Campus planning session for faculty from the University of Minnesota

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