2007-2008 Fellows | Newberry

2007-2008 Fellows

Long-Term Fellowships

Lloyd Lewis Fellow in American Art History

Alice Fahs
Associate Professor of History, University of California, Irvine
Newspaper Women and the Making of the Modern

Mellon Postdoctoral Fellows in the Humanities

Shannon Dawdy
Assistant Professor of History, University of Chicago
French Markets and Creole Queens: An Archeology of New Orleans

Giuseppe Gerbino
Assistant Professor of Musicology, Columbia University
Music, Language, and Desire in Early Modern Italy

Thomas Willette
Assistant Professor of the History of Art, University of Michigan
Cellini among the Freemasons: Language, Natural Science, and Radical Politics in the Eighteenth Century

Monticello College Foundation Fellow

Justine Murison
Assistant Professor of English, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
States of Mind: The Politics of Psychology in American Literature, 1780-1860

National Endowment for the Humanities Fellows

Denver Brunsman
Assistant Professor of History, Wayne State University
The Evil Necessity: British Naval Impressment in the Eighteenth-Century Atlantic World

Janet Johnson
Associate Professor of Music History and Literature, University of Southern California
Berlioz between Two Worlds: Shakespeare’s Romeo and Dante’s Giulietta


Osvaldo Pardo
Associate Professor of Modern and Classical Languages, The University of Connecticut
Between Law and Religion: Justice, Honor, and Society in Early Colonial Spanish America

Long-Term Faculty Fellows

Committee on Institutional Cooperation Graduate Student Fellows

Jacki Rand
Associate Professor of History, University of Iowa
Law as Colonial Transnational Tool: A Study of the Status of Indian Peoples in Canada and the United States as Constructed by the Law

Associated Colleges of the Midwest Faculty Fellows

Kevin Miles
Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Earlham College
Words & Deeds: Speech and Action in Western Culture

Robert Southard
Professor of History, Earlham College
Words & Deeds: Speech and Action in Western Culture

Newberry Library Undergraduate Seminar Faculty Fellows

Islam in the West: European Representations of Islamic Cultures from the 15th Century C.E. to the Present

Katrin Schultheiss
Associate Professor of History, University of Illinois-Chicago

Kim Searcy
Assistant Professor of History, Loyola University

Short-Term Fellowships

American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies Fellow

Natalie Inman
Ph.D. Candidate in History, Vanderbilt University
Networking and Negotiation on the Frontier: A Comparative Study of Strategic Decision-Making in Cherokee, Chickasaw, and Anglo-American Families, 1700-1840

Audrey Lumsden-Kouvel Fellow

Angelica Duran
Associate Professor of English, Purdue University
Milton Among Spaniards: Ours and Other

Lester J. Cappon Fellow in Documentary Editing

Michael Kuczynski
Associate Professor of English, Tulane University
The Latin Sources to a Glossed Wycliffite Psalter, Oxford MS Bodley 554

Alfredo Troiano
High School Latin and Italian Teacher, Liceo Scientifico “Luigi Garofano”
Contribution to the Manuscript Tradition of Domenico Cavalca’s “Specchio della Croce”: The MS 129 at the Newberry Library

Committee on Institutional Cooperation Graduate Student Fellows

Lisa Blee
Ph.D. Candidate in History, University of Minnesota
Framing Chief Leschi: Memory, Justice and American Empire in Nisqually History

Matthew Bradley
Ph.D. Candidate in Anthropology, Indiana University
Ethnohistory of the Quallatown Cherokee, 1817-1876

Miranda Brady
Ph.D. Candidate in Communications, Penn State University
Mediation and Mechanisms of Power: The National Museum of the American Indian

Miranda Johnson
Ph.D. Candidate in History, University of Chicago
Disputing History: Indigenous Claims to Settler States, 1965 to the present

Megan McCullen
Ph.D. Candidate in Anthropology, Michigan State University
Shifting community identities in the Western Great Lakes during the Seventeenth Century

Institute for the International Education of Students Faculty Fellow

Daniel Pastor
Associate Professor of English, University of Salamanca/IES
The Spanish Civil War: A Perspective from American Radicals

Alicia Torija
Professor of History, IES Madrid
Writing as Indicator of change. Historical linguistics and cultural interaction in Iberian Peninsula

Midwest Modern Language Association Fellow

Jane Dougherty
Assistant Professor of English, Southern Illinois University
Mr. and Mrs. England: The Discursive Implications of the Anglo-Irish Union

Susan Kelly Power and Helen Hornbeck Tanner Fellow

Scott Stevens
Assistant Professor of English, University of Buffalo (SUNY)
Indian Collectibles: Encounters, Appropriations and Resistance in Native North America

Northeast Modern Language Association (NEMLA) Fellow

Janie Cole
Deborah Loeb Brice Fellow, Villa I Tatti, Harvard University
Poetry and Music in Early Baroque Italy: the Case of Strozzi

Newberry Library Short-Term Fellows in the History of Cartography

Junia Ferreira Furtado
Professor of History, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais
The Oracles of Enlightenment Geography in the Luso-Brazilian World: Jean Baptiste Bourguignon d’Anville, Ambassador Luis de Cunha and the Cartography of South America

Laura Keenan
Ph.D. Candidate in History, University of Pennsylvania
The Shawnees in the Colonial Atlantic World

Newberry Library Short-Term Resident Fellows

Timothy Barrett
Professor of Art History, University of Iowa Center for the Book
Non-destructive Analysis of 15th through 19th Century Paper

Antonella Barzazi
Assistant Professor of History, University of Napoli
Books, libraries and culture in Venice between the Counter-Reformation and the Enlightenment

Thomas Bremer
Assistant Professor of History, Rhodes College
Worshiping Paradise: Yellowstone and the Religions of America

Stefano Dall’Aglio
Fellow in History, Medici Archive Project
Politics and Religion between Conformity and Dissent in Sixteenth-Century Florence and Siena

Ryan Dearinger
Ph.D. Candidate in History, University of Utah
Frontiers of Progress and Paradox: Building Canals, Railroads, and Manhood in the American West

Kathleen DuVal
Assistant Professor of History, University of North Carolina
Revolution without Rebels: The Gulf South and the War of America

Wayne Erickson
Associate Professor of English, Georgia State University
Spenser’s Patrons and Publishers

Michael Fitzsimmons
Professor of History, Auburn University Montgomery
Artisans and Workers: Guilds, the French State, and the Organization of Labor, 1776-1821

Margaret Garb
Assistant Professor of History, Washington University
Of Rights and Justice: The Origins of Black Politics in an Industrial City, Chicago, 1845-1915

Daniel Hershenzon
Ph.D. Candidate in History, University of Michigan
Countering Captivitiy, Contouring Slavery: Spanish Slaves in the Ottoman Maghrib

Mark Lentz
Ph.D. Candidate in History, Tulane
Don Toribio’s Alibi: Forgery and Bilingualism in Eighteenth-Century Yucatan

Robert McCaw
Associate Professor of Spanish Literature, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Intricate Passages: The Poetics of Pilgrimage from Gongora to Sor Juana

Jennifer McGovern
Ph.D. Candidate in English, The University of Iowa
Captive Audiences: (Re)Visions of Indian Captivity Narratives

Joellen Meglin
Associate Professor of Dance, Temple University
Ruth Page and the Quest for the First American Ballet in the Second City

Caroline Merithew
Assistant Professor of History, University of Dayton
‘A World to Gain’: Immigrants, Migrants, and Assimilation in Coal Mining

Vanessa Mongey
Ph.D. Candidate in History, University of Pennsylvania
Cosmopolitan Republics: The Gulf of Mexico between 1783 and 1836

Gillian O’Brien
Lecturer in History, Church of Ireland Theological School, University of Dublin
The Muder of Dr. Patrick Henry Cronin

Sarah Purcell
Associate Professor of History, Grinnell College
The Politics of Mourning and the U.S. Civil War

Michele Reid
Assistant Professor of History, Georgia State University
Negotiating a Slave Regime: Free People of Color in Cuba and the Atlantic World, 1820-1868

Mark Robbins
Ph.D. Candidate in History, Brown University
Awakening the ‘Forgotten Folk’: Middle Class Consumer Activism in Post-World War I America

Jonathan Silberstein-Loeb
Ph.D. Candidate in History, Queens’ College
‘Tangle Wires’: A Business History of the News Agency

Joseph Silva
Ph.D. Candidate in Art History, Brown University
Cosimo i de’Medici’s Visual Program for the Naval Knighthood of St. Stephen in Florence and Pisa

Megan Thomas
Assistant Professor of History, University of California, Santa Cruz
Nationalism, Orientalism, and Anthropology in the Late Nineteenth-Century Philippines

William Thomas III
Professor of History, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Railroads, Civil War, and the Development of Modern America, 1850-1869

William Wagner
Ph.D. Candidate, History, University of California, Berkeley
‘Reading, Writing, and Rambling’: The Literary Culture of Travel in Antebellum America

Ted Wayland
Ph.D. Candidate in English, University of Washington
High Risk Modernism

Special Awards

Arthur Weinberg Fellow for Independent Scholars

Marc Moscato
Communications Coordinator, City Club of Portland
The More Things Stay the Same

British Academy Exchange Fellows 

 To the British Academy:
Holly Crawford Pickett
Assistant Professor in English, Washington and Lee University
The Drama of Serial Conversion in Early Modern England

École des Chartes Exchange Fellows

To the École des Chartes:
Daniel DeSelm

Ph.D. candidate in History, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Moving Relics: Relic translation and the formation of ideological and geographical boundaries at the end of the Carolingian era (840-987)

To the Newberry Library:
Xavier Loyant
Graduate Student, Ecole Nationale des Chartes
The Political in Cultural Events: The Case of Ravinia Festival

Frances C. Allen Fellows

Wendy Greyeyes
Ph.D. Candidate in Sociology, University of Chicago
The Legal Foundations for the Guardianship Institution: A Study of the Bureau of Indian Affairs and the Cobell Litigation

Danika Medak-Saltzman
Ph.D. Candidate in Ethnic Studies, University of California, Berkeley
Staging Empire: The Display and Erasure of Indigenous Peoples in Japanese and Americation Nation Building Projects (1868-1904)

Nicole Nesberg
Ph.D. Candidate in History, University of Florida
Life off the Reservation: A Gendered Transformation of American Indian Families, Community, and Identity During Urbanization, 1940-1975

Kiara Vigil
Ph.D. Candidate in American Culture, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Native American Representational Politics: Simon Pokagon meets Carlos Montezuma

Weiss/Brown Publication Subvention

The Usurer’s Heart: Giotto, Enrico Scrovegni, and the Arena Chapel in Padua

Anne Derbes
Professor of Art History, Hood College

Mark Sandona
Professor of English, Hood College

Michael Wyatt
Lecturer in English, Stanford University
Writing Relations: American Scholars in Italian Archives, Essays in Honor of Franca Nardelli and Armando Petrucci