2008-2009 Fellows | Newberry

2008-2009 Fellows

Long-Term Fellowships

Lloyd Lewis Fellow in American Art History

Samuel Truett
Associate Professor of History, University of New Mexico
Old New Worlds: Ruins, Borderlands, and Empire in America

Mellon Postdoctoral Fellows in the Humanities

Renzo Baldasso
Independent Scholar
Erhard Ratdolt and the Visual Dimension of Early Printed Books

Natalie Rothman
Assistant Professor of History, University of Toronto
The Dragoman Renaissance: Venetian-Ottoman Diplomatic Interpreters in the Early Modern Mediterranean

Monticello College Foundation Fellow

Kristin Huffine
Assistant Professor of History, Northern Illinois University
Producing Christians for Half-Men and Beasts: Jesuit Ethnography and Guarani’ Response in the Colonial Paraguayan Missions, 1609-1790

National Endowment for the Humanities Fellows

Holly Crawford Pickett
Assistant Professor of English, Washington and Lee University
The Drama of Serial Conversion in Early Modern England

Edward Muir
Professor of History, Northwestern University
The Unkowns: Skepticism in Early Modern Venice

Carmen Nocentelli
Assistant Professor of English, University of New Mexico
Islands of Love: Race, Sexuality, and the Euro-Asian Encounter

Terra Foundation for American Art Fellow in American Art History

Sarah Burns
Professor of History of Art, Indiana University
Looking into the Shadows of the Modern

Long-Term Faculty Fellowships

Associated Colleges of the Midwest Faculty Fellows

Ellen Joyce
Associate Professor of History, Beloit College
Community and Memory: Texts, Images and Monuments

Hannah Schell
Associate Professor of Religious Studies, Monmouth College
Community and Memory: Texts, Images and Monuments

Newberry Library Undergraduate Seminar Faculty Fellows

New Nation/New Culture: the United States in the Age of the Early Republic, 1770-1850

Diane Dillon
Assistant Director of Research and Education, Newberry Library

Larry Howe
Associate Professor of English, Roosevelt University

Short-Term Fellowships

American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies Fellow

Lauren Clay
Assistant Professor of History, Texas A&M University
The Culture of Commerce in Eighteenth-Century France

Audrey Lumsden-Kouvel Fellow

Rita Costa-Gomes
Assistant Professor of History, Towson University
A Lost City: Ribeira Grande (Santiago) before Drake’s Conquest

Committee on Institutional Cooperation Graduate Student Fellows

Anne Peterson
Ph.D. Candidate in English, University of Iowa
The Rhetoric of Sovereignty in Native American Periodicals, 1828-1917

Erik Redix
Ph.D. Candidate in History, University of Minnesota
Sovereignty under Attack: The History of the Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwe Reservation, 1854-1923

Frances C. Allen Fellow

Danica Sterud
Ph.D. Candidate in English, Fordham University
D’Arcy McNickle adn the (Post)Colonial State of Indian Country

Institute for the International Education of Students Faculty Fellow

Josep Grau
Professor of History, IES Barcelona and Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
American Sources on Contemporary Spain

Irina Podgorny
Professor of History, CONICET—Museo de la Plata
Elephants, Archaeologists, and Engineers: A Research Project on Jean Frederic Waldeck’s Manuscripts and Drawings Stored in the Ayer Collections of the Newberry Library

Lester J. Cappon Fellow in Documentary Editing

Brian Dolinar
Lecturer in English, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
The Negro in Illinois

Midwest Modern Language Association Fellow

Manushag Powell
Assistant Professor of English, Purdue University
The Performance of Authorship in Eighteenth-Century English Periodicals

Newberry Library Short-Term Resident Fellows

Andrea Giaime Alonge
Associate Professor of Art History, University of Turin
Writing in the Water: Ben Hecht and the Craft of Scriptwriting in Classical Hollywood

David Beck
Professor History, University of Montana
American Indians in Chicago before World War II

Michael Benedict
Professor of History, Ohio State University
The Favored Hour: The Constitutional Politics of Reconstruction, 1865-1896

Peter Bennett
Assistant Professor of Music, Case Western Reserve University
The Cult of Saint Denis during the Reign of Louis XXIII

Giles Bergel
Lecturer in English, University of California, Santa Barbara
The Influence of Kimball and Stone’s Chap Book on Modernist Magazines

Mark Blackwell
Associate Professor of English, University of Hartford
Personable Properties: It-Narrative, the Novel, and the British Traffic in Identity, 1740-1815

Rebecca Boone
Assistant Professor of History, Lamar University
The Renaissance in the Cabinet: Politics as a Private Matter in Early Modern Europe

Costica Bradatan
Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Texas Tech University
“To Philosophize is to Learn How to Die”: Philosophy and Martyrdom in Early Modern Europe

Tobias Brinkmann
Lecturer in History, University of Southampton
Sundays at Sinai: A History of an Urban Jewish Congregation, Chicago Sinai Congregation, 1861-2000

Michael Catto
Postdoctoral Fellow, Institute Italiano Scienze Umane
Jesuits in China: Syncretism and Accommodatio

Michael Cox
Ph.D. Candidate in History, University of California, Riverside
The Sandusky Wyandots: A Persistent People, 1795-1843

Deniz Ertan
Leverhulme Research Fellow, University of Nottingham
Bearing News, Born Music: The Making of Musical Modernism in the U.S., 1908-27

Christine Ferdinand
Fellow Librarian, Magdalen College, University of Oxford
The Economics of the Book Trade in Eighteenth-Century England

Linda Frey and Marsha Frey
Professor of History, University of Montana; Professor of History, University of Kansas
Culture of French Revolutionary Diplomacy

Susan Gaylard
Assistant Professor of Italian, University of Washington
Material Men: Public Image and Authority in Early Modern Italy

Carolyn Gilman
Special Projects Historian, Missouri Historical Society
The American Revolution in the West

Kenneth Gouwens
Associate Professor of History, University of Connecticut
Human Exceptionalism in the Renaissance

Kimberly Hossain
Assistant Professor of History, Western Washington University
Spanish Inquisition and an Orthodox Republic of Letters

Laura Johnson
Ph.D. Candidate in History, University of Delaware
Cloth as Metaphor in the Early American Atlantic World, 1550-1750

Amelia Katanski
Assistant Professor of English, Kalamazoo College
Writing the Living Law: American Indian Literature as Law

Jean-Francois Lozier
Ph.D. Candidate in History, University of Toronto
In Each Others’ Arms: The St. Lawrence Mission Villages and France at War, 1630-1760

Stephen Martin
Ph.D. Candidate in History, University of Oklahoma
Native Diaspora: Shawnee and Delaware Communities in the Mississippi Valley, 1779-1825

Susan Vida Muse
Ph.D. Candidate in English, Marquette University
Passion, Politics, Money, and Virtue: Eliza Haywood in Historical Context

Monique O’Connell
Assistant Professor of History, Wake Forest University
Renaissance Republicanism and Venetian Empire

Chris Parsons
Ph.D. Candidate in History, University of Toronto
Plants and Peoples in French North America

Dawn Peterson
Ph.D. Candidate in American Studies, New York University
Unusual Sympathies: Race, Family, and Servitude in Jacksonian Politics

Carmen Ripolles
Ph.D. Candidate in Art History, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Constructing the Artistic Subject in Golden Age Spain

Yael Sela
Ph.D. Candidate in Music, St. Hugh’s College, University of Oxford
Music, Women, and Domesticity in Early Modern England

Marco Sioli
Professor of History, University of Milan
Indians as Pirates: Barbarity in the Age of Lewis and Clark

Jessica Straley
Assistant Professor of English, University of Utah
How the Child Lost Its Tail: Evolutionary Theory, Victorian Pedagogy, and the Development of Children’s Literature, 1860-1920

Ruth Watson
Doctoral Studies Programme Leader, Fine Arts, University of Auckland
A Heart-Shaped World: Codiform Maps of the Sixteenth Century

Northeast Modern Language Association Fellow

Mary Beth Winn
Professor of French Studies, State University of New York at Albany
The Editions of Anthoine Verard (1485-c.-1512): Census and Study

Poetry Foundation/Newberry Library Fellows in American Poetry

David Krump
Adjunct Literature and Composition Instructor, Viterbo University
The Livelong Day: Poems

Kimberly Lojek
M.S. Candidate in Historic Preservation, School of the Art Institute of Chicago
The Plan of Chicago

Short-Term Fellows in the History of Cartography

Ted Mitchell
Ph.D. Candidate in History, Michigan State University
Connecting a Nation, Dividing a City: How Railway Development Shaped Urban Space and Affected People in Nineteenth-Century Chicago

Molly Robey
Ph.D. Candidate in English, Rice University
Sacred Geographies: Religion, Race, and the Holy Land in American Literature, 1819-1920

Andrew Sturtevant
Ph.D. Candidate in History, College of William and Mary
Onontio’s Children: French Detroit’s Native Population, 1701-1763

Susan Kelly Power and Helen Hornbeck Tanner Fellow

Erik Redix
Ph.D. Candidate in History, University of Minnesota
Sovereignty under Attack: The History of the Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwe Reservation, 1854-1923

Special Awards and Fellowships

British Academy Exchange Fellows

Kathryn Gucer
Lecturer in English, Northwestern University
Revolution across the Channel

Daniel Terkla
Professor of English, Illinois Wesleyan University
The Hereford Mappa Mundi: Placement, Reception, and Perception

École des Chartes Exchange Fellow

Sarah Smith
Lecturer in History, Indiana University
Inventing Natural Magic: Ethnography of Popular Belief, Scholasticism, and the Occult in William of Auvergne

Herzog August Bibliothek Wolfenbutten Fellow

Mary Beth Winn
Profesor of French Studies, State University of New York at Albany
The Editions of Anthoine Verard (1485 c.-1512): Census and Study

Weiss/Brown Publication Subvention Award

Suzanne Cusick
Associate Professor of Music, New York University
Francesca Caccini at the Medici Court: Music and the Circulation of Power

Shelley Perlove
Professor of Art History, University of Michigan-Dearborn

Larry Silver
Professor of the History of Art, University of Pennsylvania
Rembrandt’s Faith: Church and Temple in the Dutch Golden Age