2013-2014 Fellows | Newberry

2013-2014 Fellows

Long-Term Fellows

Lloyd Lewis Fellow in American History

Frank Tobias Higbie
Associate Professor of History, University of California, Los Angeles
Working Knowledge: Learning and Living in a Grassroots Social Movement

Audrey Lumsden-Kouvel Fellow

Mary Baine Campbell
Professor of English, Brandeis University
Dreaming, Meaning, Motion: Oneirics in the Atlantic World, 1500–1750

Andrew W. Mellon Fellow

Yann Robert
Assistant Professor of French Studies, University of Illinois at Chicago
Living Theater: Politics, Justice, and the Stage in France (1750–1800)

Monticello College Foundation Fellow

Cristina Stanciu
Assistant Professor of English, Virginia Commonwealth University
The Makings and Unmakings of Americans: Indians and Immigrants in American Literature and Culture, 1880–1924

National Endowment for the Humanities Fellows

Margaret Meserve
Associate Professor of History, University of Notre Dame
The News Cycle in Renaissance Rome

Michael Schreffler
Associate Professor of Art History and Department Chair, Virginia Commonwealth University
Inca Cuzco, Spanish Cuzco

Susan Sleeper-Smith
Professor of History, Michigan State University
Gender, Race, and Empire: Mapping State Formation through the Lives of Indian Women

Michael Vorenberg
Associate Professor of History, Brown University
The Appomattox Myth: Struggling to Find the End of the American Civil War

Newberry Consortium in American Indian Studies Faculty Fellow

Kathleen Washburn
Assistant Professor of English Language and Literature, University of New Mexico
We Moderns: Native American Literary Crossings, 1890–1935

Long-Term Faculty Fellows

Associated Colleges of the Midwest Faculty Fellows

Representing the Other in Image, Text, and Landscape

William Davis
Associate Professor of Comparative Literature and German, Colorado College

Eric Perramond
Associate Professor of Environmental Studies and Southwest Studies, and Director of the Environmental Program, Colorado College

Newberry Library Undergraduate Seminar Faculty Fellows

Representations of the American Civil War

Marcy Dinius
Assistant Professor of English, DePaul University

Margaret Storey
Associate Professor of History, DePaul University

Short-Term Fellows

Newberry Library Short-Term Fellows

Chris Barrett
Assistant Professor of English, Louisiana State University
Dangerous Cartographies: Threats, Death, and The Faerie Queene’s Missing Maps

Cathleen Cahill
Associate Professor of History, University of New Mexico
Highway 101: Indians, Roads, and Regional Identity

William Coleman
PhD Candidate in History, University College London
Music and Political Culture in the United States from the Early Republic to the Civil War Era

Thomas Dodman
Assistant Professor of History, Boston College
Nostalgia: The History of a Deadly Emotion

Julie Fisher
PhD Candidate in History, University of Delaware
English Sachems: How Personal Alliances and Friendships Shaped Indian-English Politics, 1636–1678

Sarah Gardner
Professor of History, Mercer University
The World the Reviewers Made

Elizabeth Heath
Assistant Professor of History, Florida International University
Sugar and Luxury: Rethinking the Everyday Origins of the French Revolution

Gretchen Long
Associate Professor of History, Williams College
Writing Freedom Down: African American Handwriting and Emancipation

Una McIlvenna
Postdoctoral Research Fellow of History, University of Sydney, Australia
Singing the News of Death: Execution Ballads in Pre-Modern Europe (1500–1900)

Leslie Mairin Odle
PhD Candidate in Atlantic History, New York University
Stories Written on the Body: Cross-Cultural Markings in the North American Atlantic, 1600–1830

Cameron Shriver
PhD Candidate in History, Ohio State University
Village to Nation: American Indian Political Culture in the Great Lakes, 1700–1850

Cynthia Wall
Professor of English, University of Virginia
The Impress of the Invisible

Marie Winkelmann
PhD Candidate in History, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Uneasy Intimacies: Race, Gender, and Interracial Relationships in the Colonial Philippines, 1898–1946

Frances C. Allen and Newberry Consortium in American Indian Studies Graduate Fellow

Kasey Keeler
PhD Candidate in American Studies, University of Minnesota
Survivance in the Suburbs: American Indians in Minnesota, 1880–2010

American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies (ASECS) Fellow

Elizabeth Cross
PhD Candidate in Modern European History, Harvard University
The Compagnie des Indes and the Fate of Commercial Empire in the French Revolution

Lester J. Cappon Fellow in Documentary Editing

Mark Rankin
Assistant Professor of English, James Madison University
William Tyndale’s Practice of Prelates (1530) and the Nature of Reading in Renaissance England

Newberry Library-École Nationale des Chartes Exchange Fellows

To the École Nationale des Chartes:

Linsey Hansen
PhD Candidate in Art History, Indiana University
Visual Strategies for Episcopal Self-Promotion at the Cathedrals of Amiens, Bourges, and Reims

To the Newberry Library:

Camille Poiret
Assistant Director, Edmond Rostand Mediatheque, City of Paris
St.Victor of Paris’ Abbey’s Ordinal, a Critical Edition of its Sanctoral

Charles Montgomery Gray Fellows

Urvashi Chakravarty
Assistant Professor of English, University of Hawaii, Manoa
Serving Like A Free Man: Labor, Liberty, and Consent in Early Modern England

Arthur and Janet Holzheimer Fellow in the History of Cartography

Catherine Akeroyd
PhD candidate in History, The Research School of Humanities and the Arts, Australian National University
Depicting ‘Terra Australis’: The Iconography in the Southern Continent on Maps 1508–1690

Institute for the International Education of Students (IES) Faculty Fellows

Gema Cienfuegos Antelo
Contract Professor of Literature, Institute for the International Education of Students, Madrid, Spain
Sketches from Spain: Reading American Life at the Dawn of Romanticism

Merixell Martin-i-Pardo
Professor of Religion, Institute for the International Education of Students, Barcelona, Spain
A Deeply Rooted Myth Disables the 1982 Organic Law of Religious Freedom in Spain

Newberry Library-Kress Foundation Fellows

Susan Gaylard
Assistant Professor of Italian Studies, Unviersity of Washington
Beautiful Monsters: Gendering History in 16th Century Portrait-Books

Heather Muckart
PhD candidate in Art History, Visual Art and Theory, University of British Columbia, Canada
Truth, Vision, and Knowing in Early Modern English Martyr Portraits

Newberry Library-Jack Miller Center Fellows

Benjamin Irvin
Associate Professor of History, University of Arizona
“Invalids” and Independence: Veterans’ Disability and State Formation in the Early U.S. Republic

Samantha Seeley
PhD Candidate in History, New York University
Freedom, Race, and Forced Migration in the Early American Republic

Newberry Consortium on American Indian Studies (NCAIS) Graduate Student Fellows

Ryan Carr
PhD Candidate in English, Yale University
Arts and Sciences of American Expression, 1820–1890

Klint Ericson
PhD Candidate in Art History, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Sumptuous and Beautiful, As They Were: Architectural Form, Everyday Life, and Cultural Encounter in a Seventeenth-Century New Mexico Mission

Ryan Hall
PhD Candidate in History, Yale University
Blackfoot Country: Encounters with European Imperialism, 1780–1870

Margaret Huettl
PhD Candidate in American West and Native American Studies, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Inawemaagen and Meyaagizid (Relatives and Strangers): Ojibwe Peoplehood from 1850 to 1950

Michael Hughes
PhD Candidate in History, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Customs, Crime, and Culture: Sovereignty and Jurisdiction in the Northern Fur Trade, 1782–1846

Amanda Johnson
PhD Candidate in English Literature, Vanderbilt University
Romance of the New World: Race and Creole Identity in British America, 1689–1840

Kyle Mays
PhD Candidate in History and American Indian Studies, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
And We Shall Remain: Reclaiming Detroit as an Indigenous Space, 1836–1993

Bryan Rindfleisch
PhD Candidate in History, University of Oklahoma
From Ulster to Indian Country: George Galphin and the Atlantic Worlds of an Indian Trader in the Eighteenth Century

Ashley Smith
PhD Candidate in Anthropology, Cornell University
“We Have Never Not Been Here:” Place, History, and Belonging in Native New England

Jameson Sweet
PhD Candidate in History, University of Minnesota
Mixed-Blood Nation: Ethnogenesis, Land, and Power Among Dakota Mixed-Bloods in Nineteenth Century Minnesota

Ashley Wiersma
PhD Candidate in History, Michigan State University
Refusing the Colonizer’s Hand: Modes of Indigenous Resistance in American Settler Colonies

Northeast Modern Language Association (NeMLA) Fellow

Megan Walsh
Assistant Professor of Literature, Saint Bonaventure University
A Nation in Sight: Book Illustration and Early American Literature

Lawrence Lipking Fellow

Garrett Morrison
PhD Candidate in English, Northwestern University
The Place of Print: Publication and the Regional Imagination in the Mining West, 1849–1869

Susan Kelly Power and Helen Hornbeck Tanner Fellow

Laura Lehua Yim
Assistant Professor of English, San Francisco State University
Fluid Propriety: Water and Authority in Spenser and Shakespeare

Sixteenth Century Society and Conference (SCSC) Fellow

Kathleen Comerford
Professor of History, Georgia Southern University
Mutual Conquests: Jesuit Foundations and Medici Power, 1527–1621

Society of Mayflower Descendants in the State of Illinois Fellows

Jacob Lee
PhD Candidate in History, University of California, Davis
Imaginary Empires: Kinship, Rivers, and Empire in the Illinois Country, 1550–1840

Robert Lee
PhD Candidate in History, University of California, Berkeley
Louisiana Purchases: The US-Indian Treaty System in the Missouri River Valley, 1804–1851

Arthur and Lila Weinberg Fellows

Anne Moore
Independent Scholar and Instructor, Department of Visual and Critical Studies, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Declaration of Sentiments II

Paul Moxon
Independent Scholar and Visiting Letterpress Instructor
Researching the Literature of Proof Press Manufacturing, Maintenance, and Makeready as a Means to Instill Best Practice in Letterpress Printing Today

Weiss-Brown Publication Subvention Awards

Jesse Locker
Assistant Professor of Renaissance and Baroque Art, Portland State University
“The Hands of Aurora”: Artemisia Gentileschi and the Language of Painting

Mara Wade
Professor of Germanic Languages and Literatures, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
The Palatine Wedding of 1613: Context, Celebration, and Consequence of an Anglo-German Alliance