Stipend and Housing Information | Newberry

Stipend and Housing Information

All participants will receive a taxable stipend of $3,300, an amount determined by the NEH.  Stipends are intended to help cover travel expenses to and from the project location, research expenses, and ordinary living expenses. Stipends will be paid in two installments, at the start of the institute, and at the beginning of week three.  Please be advised that the stipend is not likely to cover all of the expense of living in Chicago for four weeks.  

Institute participants are required to attend all meetings and to engage fully as professionals in the work of the project.  During the project’s tenure, they may not undertake teaching assignments or any other professional activities unrelated to their participation in the project. 

Summer scholars may rent rooms at Club Quarters at the library’s reduced monthly rates ($70 to $90/day for 30 days). Options include a range of single or double occupancy rooms, and many include cooking facilities. Many past NEH summer scholars have chosen furnished one-bedroom apartments at Canterbury Courts, just a few blocks from the library. The current negotiated Newberry rate at Canterbury Courts is $1,200 for four weeks. Participants are free as well to make their alternative housing arrangements.  The Newberry will provide a comprehensive list of nearby housing options to successful applicants.  For a complete list of the Newberry’s discounted housing arrangements, visit the Newberry’s Accommodations page. 

It is highly advisable that you find housing near the Newberry or within easy access to public transportation to the Newberry.  Please be aware that the Newberry does not have a visitor parking lot, though it does provide discounted rates at nearby garages.  

Participants will be given special privileges during the institute at the Newberry, including a research carrel, extended reading hours, and the ability to page items on reserve for the length of their stay. The participants’ research and study will be facilitated by access to a full range of computing services. They will have wireless Internet access from their carrels, as well as workstations and printers elsewhere in the library.