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Addision Public Library:

What: Discovering the Past Block-by-Block
Where: Addison Public Library, 4 Friendship Plaza, Addison
When: 7:00 pm
Who: Ginger Frere
Registration and more info:

Are you researching the history of a neighborhood, looking for the church where your great-grandparents got married? Find out how to discover the past by address! is the exciting Web site built by The Newberry Library: a site where you can find and share historical information about Chicago.


I am intersted in the history of Bronzeville and the Drexel Park area where my parents grew up. I am also looking for information on the Morgan Park neighborhood and the Mt.Calvary Church where my grandparents and extended family built homes and attended church in the 1930's. My grandfather had a home at 11426 S Racine which is now a park and my great aunt had a home @ 11357 S May. There were others in the immediate area and I would like to know about it.
There are several ways you can use to answer some of your questions. To begin, go to and click on the "search tab". There you can search by an address, intersection or keyword (such as Bronzeville). If you need additional assistance, click on the "Help" link or submit a question using the form at:
I'm searching for a cpoule reliable and good blogs to help me learn genealogy. I did visit your site about census records, but can't find your blog. Where can I go to learn the basics of RSS?Bill W.
This introduction to RSS is a great place to start:

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