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American Political Thought Seminar

The Federalist, nos. 1-33, p. 21 issue #13

The Federalist, nos. 1-33, p. 21 issue #13

This seminar provides a forum for introducing and discussing topics on the political history and philosophy of early America. The seminar explores issues of citizenship, democracy, sociology, and the inuence of political history on contemporary politics and theory. It is open to graduate students, independent scholars, and faculty. To maximize time for discussion, papers are circulated electronically in advance. Priority will be given to individuals who are at a stage in their research at which they can best profit from discussion, and to individuals who need a venue to present their work. The seminar will meet on selected Thursdays during the academic year, 5-6:30 pm, at the Newberry Library in Chicago, Illinois.

The American Political Thought Seminar 2017-2018 Call for Proposals is now CLOSED. Proposals for the 2018-2019 seminars will be accepted beginning March 1, 2018. To submit a proposal, please visit our webform and upload a one-page proposal, a statement explaining the relationship of the paper to your other work, and a brief CV. Applications will not be accepted via email or in hard copy.

The seminar is sponsored by the Jack Miller Center.

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