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The recent changes to the interface include one new feature especially useful for library-users. Now you can easily save the records you find instead of emailing or printing them.

When you select “View record” from a search results list, you’ll notice a new “Send document” button on the left. Simply click on that button and a popup screen will ask for your email address.

Ancestry will create a Family Discoveries page for you (no individual subscription needed!). After you send a document, you’ll get an email from Ancestry with the link to your page. Emails will only be sent once every 12 hours, so you won’t be swamped with an email for every record you save. You can simply refresh your Discoveries page to see all your latest finds.

Your Family Discoveries page will store the last 300 documents that you send home from the library, allowing you plenty of time to review, download or print all of the great records you’ve found. From this page you have the option of viewing the image of your document or the printer-friendly version. The printer-friendly option displays the transcribed information as well as the source information.

Another important thing to know about using Ancestry from the Newberry concerns your private Ancestry Family Trees. You can’t sign on to your personal account using the Newberry’s network, so you won’t be able to access trees with the security setting of “private”. If you will need access to your tree while researching, be sure to change your settings to “public” before you head to the library. You can always change your settings back to private as soon as you return home.

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