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Another Great February Holiday

So they tell me February is Library Lovers Month. It’s a nice idea, I suppose. Kinda wonder how they happened to pick the shortest month of the year for it. Maybe it’s because so many libraries check out books for two weeks, and this is the only month made up just of two two-week sections.

February has always been about reading, at least since they invented those little hearts with words on them. These came in two different sizes when I was small, but neither one of them tasted like anything much. I think this was the idea, really: taught us not to eat what we read. (Or maybe it was to get us used to not expecting much in the flavor when we had to eat those love notes we later tried to pass in class.)

How do YOU plan to celebrate Library lovers Month? If we had all known about this, you could have donated one book on the first of the month, two on the second…well, no. You’d still be buried under the snow. Unless you built yourself an igloo and burned banana boxes to keep warm.

If you are short on other ideas, this is one of the big chocolate-buying months of the year. There are all sorts of reading room assistants, book fair managers, security guards, book fair managers, vice presidents, curators, and book fair managers that probably deserve a bit of Vitamin Ch. Make it one of those assortments that come with a little map showing where each flavor is, and we’ll all go eat it in the cartography department.

At a pinch, George Washington’s birthday is coming up, too, and few of us would turn down a donated cherry pie. (Yeah, yeah, you thought we only made pies out of new berries. That was funny in George’s day.)

Say, Abraham Lincoln’s birthday is nearly upon us, and he’s on the five dollar bill. Donate enough of those and we could buy chocolate-covered cherries, thus hitting on all the holidays.

All right, all right: I suppose you want to show your love for libraries with books. That’s the way we show our love for you, after all, with all those books you keep coming to see. You go right ahead. I don’t see that I have a right to advise you on the matter, anyway.

I’M waiting for Book Fair Lovers Month. That’s July, if you hadn’t guessed. And there will be no problem deciding how to show your appreciation. Same as always: Cash, Check, or Plastic. We love those old traditions. 

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