Atlas of the Historical Geography of the United States

If you aren’t already in love with online maps, you will be after you spend some time browsing the Atlas of the Historical Geography of the United States website, developed by the Digital Scholarship Lab at the University of Richmond. The Atlas, published in 1932, has long been a staple for researchers. The website not only provides digital access, but also adds enhancements, animation, overlays and other modern day updates which will make this one of your favorite resources.

Take a look at the 1774 “Public Post Roads and Stage Routes” overlay on a current map. Compare it to the “Main Post Roads” from 1834 and the “Overland Mail Routes” 1860-1869. Or watch an animation of Spanish explorations in the Southwest (click on the “animate” button). Check out the differences between New Orleans today and the Plan of New Orleans from 1803.

There are nearly 700 remarkable maps available for you to peruse in the digital edition of the Atlas.


I'm going to use this with Google Earth to locate my ancestors' birthplace. Thank you.


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