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Every book has a story

Every book has a story.

Check in frequently to read the behind-the-scenes scoop on the Newberry’s popular Book Fair. The blog is maintained by “Uncle Blogsy,” otherwise known as Dan Crawford, Book Fair Manager.

EIGHT years and Still No Pulitzer

So here we are, at what I believe is the eighth anniversary of this blog, and the awards committees are not getting the clue. One can only exclaim, “Mamma mia!”

Which, of course, was a song cue for this lament by someone who has caught the Newberry Book Fair virus. Hum along (as if you could help it).

to the tune of (oh, you guessed)

I’ve been bankrupt and blue since this time last July;

When I bought all these books that I’ve stacked eight feet high

Look at me now:

Though I said I’d quit,

I don’t know how,

But I suddenly lose control;

There’s a fire within my soul.

Wednesday night and when they open that door,

I rush in, knocking folks to the floor:

Uh oh.

It’s a Book Fair!

Here I go again!

My my!

How can I resist you?

J.K. Rowling:

Here’s my dough again!

My my!

Just wait while I list you!

Yes, it’s all felt like Monday

Since last Book Fair Sunday!

Why why

Do they ever have to close?

It’s a Book Fair:

The worst of my woes!

Sigh sigh:

That they ever have to close!

I can’t read all I have, so why do I buy more?

I’ve piled art books so high that they’re bending my floor!

But when I hear

It’s July again,

Book Fair is near:

They’ll be selling Poe for a song;

They know that I’m not that strong!

Wednesday night and I forget everything!

People dodge me when I start to sing,


It’s a Book Fair!

Here we go again!

My my!

How can I resist you?

Scott Fitzgerald:

He gets stowed again:

My my!

Book Fair, how I’ve missed you!

Yes, I was pouting, pining

When they made us start lining—

Why why?—

For that last night’s check out row!

It’s a Book Fair!

Angels seem to say:

Buy buy!

Grab it now or never!

Fill that shopping bag,

Buy buy!

Or it’s gone forever!

It’s a Book Fair!

Here I go again!

My my,

How can I resist you?

Erma Bombeck?

Put her on the pile:

Why why,

How could I have missed you?

I’ve got four and a half days

To prove I won’t mend my ways:

Why why

Why must I wait one whole year?

It’s a Book Fair!

I’ll never have much cash:

My my,

But books are much better, so….


Happy Eighth Blog Anniversary! Thank you for continuing to amuse and educate.

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