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Every book has a story

Every book has a story.

Check in frequently to read the behind-the-scenes scoop on the Newberry’s popular Book Fair. The blog is maintained by “Uncle Blogsy,” otherwise known as Dan Crawford, Book Fair Manager.

We Get Presents

A great collection was brought in on Monday: some forty boxes including a bunch of popular history magazines in German. There was a nice gathering of travel books, and a stellar accumulation of Bach recordings, many of which came with the scores, allowing you to hum along as you listen.

Yesterday, we had a really nice collection brought in. Good, solid art and art history, including about five boxes of art history in French. The books belonged to an art historian who bought some of them at the Book Fair in days gone by.

Today I am waiting for a truck bringing me a sixty-box collection, which will probably deliver a collection of fine nonfiction in Russian, and, based on what this donor has brought me before, will also show us useful studies of the environment and international business. As I survey the bounty, my gratitude bubbles over into a single rainbow expression:

Can you cut it out, already?

See, Tuesday, besides that donor’s collection, a dozen other people brought in books: bags of dance books, a collection of 19th century volumes (some in Swedish), and two sets of encyclopedias. On Monday, while we were bringing in the fine estate mentioned above, we also found four bags of mystery books, six broken bags containing mainly cookbooks, and a modest art collection.

AND we get phone calls. Two people in the suburbs have cleaned out storage lockers: each would like us to pick up forty or fifty boxes of books. A bookstore with really, really nice books has alerted us that there are twenty-five waiting for us, with perhaps another twenty-five by the end of June. If someone has made June “Send Three Thousand Books to Blogsy Month”, I didn’t get the memo.

I know, I know: you just want to be part of the best Book Fair in the western world. But how are we supposed to price all these train books the Library is giving us if we have to spend our time finding new places to stack your boxes of maps? How can I do research on this brass, um, object which the best suggestion about is that it’s a miniature replica of some other brass object, if I need to set out skids to pile up your grandmother’s science fiction collection?

We’ve advertised that we are going to have a Book Fair in 2018, right after the ribbon cutting for our newly-renovated first floor. If those eighty-six boxes of genealogical books have been sitting in a nice, dry storage space for forty years, couldn’t you wait one more year?

Honest, I KNOW your books are better than all these others. But I can’t get AT ‘em if I’m discussing the weather with truck drivers every morning. If you can possibly hold off until after Labor Day, I wish you would.

Oh, you’re clearing space to make room for everything you’re going to buy next month? In that case, we’ll try to find room.

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