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Every book has a story

Every book has a story.

Check in frequently to read the behind-the-scenes scoop on the Newberry’s popular Book Fair. The blog is maintained by “Uncle Blogsy,” otherwise known as Dan Crawford, Book Fair Manager.

Y'All Come

So here it comes: another opening, another show. I stop blogging for a while and we all try to make it through. (The Book Fair, not the lack of blogs. Though I admit life without Uncle Blogsy is like a morning without halibut soup.)

It is now that I wonder whether I have told you everything you need to know, and nothing that would discourage you from showing up in our lobby, a fistful of dollars in your hot little hands.

Did I tell you the dates? (July 27 if you’re an Associate, July 28 through 31 for General Admission.)

Did I tell you it’s free to come in during the General Admission hours? (That’s Noon to 8 P.M. Thursday and Friday, 10 A.M. to 6 P.M. Saturday and Sunday)

Do you know how to pay for all those books? (Cash, check made out to The Newberry Library, most major credit cards.)

Do you know how much to buy? (As much as you can carry…each day. You’ll be bringing friends to help carry things for you, won’t you?)

Are you aware that the Newberry is a building poised between centuries? (We don’t have pay phones any more, but have not yet installed an ATM. There ARE public ATMs within three blocks of the place. The nearest pay phone is probably in The Twilight Zone.)

Are you aware of the goodies you will not find together anywhere else on earth? (Norman Rockwell’s autograph, Swedish paperback mysteries, promotional rock CDs, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s last three books, A. Conan Doyle’s first book of Sherlock Holmes stories, small bags of unused greeting cards featuring kitties, and a plumb line.)

Have I mentioned that we have roughly two TONS of art books for sale? (Believe me: I’ve lifted ‘em.)

Have I mentioned the rare opportunity you will have to buy an 800-volume set of reference books? (If you’re decorating a house and need a bunch of dark blue volumes, have we got a bargain for you!)

Do you remember that this Book Fair is INDOORS, in a building which is AIR CONDITIONED? (Yeah, once we get a few hundred people in there, it won’t feel very cool, but trust me: you’d be less comfortable outdoors.)

Do you remember last year, when someone shoved you aside and snatched up the very last copy of The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood from under your very hand? (We have more: try again.)

In short, are you mentally and morally prepared to come and join the fun? Are you ready to hunt for books you didn’t know existed, to run across old friends (human or printed), pull out a rare LP by that polka band that played for your parents’ wedding, gaze on our collection of framed opera posters, and just generally frolic among books with other book-minded people?

Then we will do our very best to be ready for you, to make sure the drinking fountains provide cool water, the lights are bright enough for shopping, and the treasures hidden just enough to make them good hunting. Be nice to the other customers, don’t expect Uncle Blogsy to be witty (by the time you see him, he’ll have been on his feet for fourteen hours, on three hours sleep), and don’t be caught short of cash. And watch for the bloggery if we all make it through to the other side of the summer.



I can see Uncle Blogsy frolicking amongst the books as Scrooge McDuck swam through his money. Same temperment too...
Are book dealers allowed to attend the preview on weds. ??also are they allowed to use a scanner at the preview??
Anyone who wishes to join the Associates at the Author level or above ($100) may certainly attend the preview. We have not banned scanners, but hope people who use scanners will also use good manners.
Love you guys
Hi, Mr. Crawford/Dan/Uncle Blogsy. Thanks for the information you provided the other day. I'm assuming that, were I take my wife or my employee to join me at the book fair, it'd be another 100 clams, right? Also, I'm assuming that you wouldn't want a hand-truck coming in to the Rare Book and Collectibles Room, but it would be inappropriate to have my red hand-truck in the main room during the sale, for easing of collecting and stacking? Thanks. Lawrence Hammar
It says here that the Associates' Invitation to the Book Fair Preview is "for two", which I always assumed meant a Spouse or Significant Other, but our website doesn't specify. You might want to call Alexandra Katich or email her at katicha@newberry.org. to be sure. We actually have carts we use to help people move big orders; it might be easier to go that route. But there might be a way, as long as your cart has something to show ownership and can be kept out of customer traffic.
Two questions related to the preview sale for Associates: Are you going to be handing out numbers in the morning as in the past to hold ones place in line, if so, what time will the numbers be handed out? Do you take cash only during the sale or can one use either checks, debit or credit cards to pay for books?
Numbers will be available at 7:30 A.M., when the doors open. We take cash, checks (made out to "The Newberry Library"), and credit cards. These new chip card machines we're using this year will process debit cards only as credit cards.
Will the hot dog vendor/root beer float guy be there this year?
I haven't heard for sure, but that's such a Bughouse tradition, I hope so.

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