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Every book has a story
Every book has a story.

Check in frequently to read the behind-the-scenes scoop on the Newberry’s popular Book Fair. The blog is maintained by “Uncle Blogsy,” otherwise known as Dan Crawford, Book Fair Manager.

Out of Sorts

“Uncle Blogsy!”

“Ah, young Bookhopper! You’re, um, at large!”

“You get better at knots all the time, Uncle Blogsy: it must be all those knotty books people send in. I have a problem.”

“That’s why I tied you up in the first place.”

“You wrote on Monday about sorting things into Music. But there are other categories that don’t make sense to me.”

“I can hardly wait, Bookhopper.”

“Well, you have this section called Health, but it’s full of books about sick people.”

“I see. Well, the category is technically called Health and Medicine.”

“You could have a separate category for each, so people like me wouldn’t be confused. You could do the same with your Crime and Law category.”

“If we put each book in a category by itself, oh, student, SOME people would still be confused.”

“I’m not sure that many signs would fit on a table, Uncle Blogsy.”

“I knew some people would still be confused.”

“At the Book Fair, I know I sometimes see books about games in the Sports section and books about sports in the Games section.”

“I’m sure your eighth grade teacher must be proud of teaching you to read, Bookhopper.”

“But I have a real problem with your History section.”

“Is it about the Bill Clinton and George W. Bush books we put in there? Because….”

“No, I understand that, Uncle Blogsy: that all happened AGES ago.”

“Yes…you may be History yourself soon.”

“How come you don’t put books on the history of music in there? Or the history of baseball? Or the history of science? It’s your History category, after all.”

“It’s one of the great quandaries of libraries and of book fairs, oh novice. The decision is made based on where you think a person is most likely to look. For us, we feel the customer for a history of, say, roller derby is going to think first of the section where other books on roller derby are to be found.”

“Women’s Studies?”

“Sports, young Bookhopper. Some authors, I think, make up their books solely to try to confuse the poor, inoffensive book sorter. Here, for example, is a history of the relation of science and religion.”


“As depicted in art.”

“I see. This book sorting is a deeper study than I ever imagined, Uncle Blogsy.”

“You acquire wisdom, young apprentice. Slowly, but you do acquire it. Speaking of which, you must excuse me. There’s a new book in on tying really good knots, and I need to see if there’s anything useful to me.”

“Well, Uncle Blogsy, knots to you!”

“I’ve told you never to try to score a pun in my own blog. But let’s call it a tie.”

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