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Catalog Search Tip – Family Names

Searching the Newberry Catalog

Searching the Newberry Catalog

Search Results

We often get the question, “How do I find my family history in your holdings?” If you’re lucky, someone has already compiled parts of your family history and published it. The best way to find published family histories held at the Newberry is to start with the online catalog.

In the “Search For” field, enter [surname] family. For example, enter smith family. (Note the catalog is not case sensitive.) Using the word family after the surname will help narrow the results to genealogies. Then select “Subject” from the selections in the “Search By” field.  Click on the “Search” button.

A list of subject headings will be displayed. The number of items cataloged with each subject heading is shown to the left. If “Smith Family” is listed, click on that entry and a list of the library’s holdings will be displayed. Click on the individual title to get the full bibliographic record.

Sometimes there are a variety of spellings for a name. In this case a “see also” notation may be displayed in the left-hand column of your initial search results. Be sure to check this out to avoid missing relevant materials.

Other ways to locate information on your family will be discussed in future posts.

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