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Catalog Search Tip - Search by Location

Catalog Search by County

Catalog Search by County

Catalog Search Results

A previous post explained how to search the catalog by family name. Another useful strategy is to search the catalog by county since many records, including genealogy society publications, are cataloged this way.

In the “Search For” field, enter: county name county (state abrev.). For example, try: cuyahoga county (ohio). Select “Subject” in the “Search By” field. Click on the “Search” button. Using the word county after the name will help narrow the results.

A list of subject headings will be displayed and you’ll notice that the list further divides the results into topics such as biography, genealogy, history, maps, etc. The number of items cataloged under each subject heading is shown to the left. Click on the entry you are most interested in and a list of the library’s holdings will be displayed. Click on the individual title to get the full bibliographic record.

Here are a few other tips:

  • The genealogy subdivision will include items such as indexes of vital records, abstracts of wills, cemetery transcriptions, etc.
  • The catalog is not case sensitive.
  • State abbreviations in library catalogs are not always the same as the two-digit postal service abbreviation (for example, Conn. instead of CT or Ill instead of IL).

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