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Chicago City Council Proceedings

In May of 1865, John Kurtz wanted to erect a soap factory on Lumber street, Bernard Smith wanted a free liquor license, and Wm. Vocke, Clerk of the Police Court, asked that his salary be fixed at $1,500 per year.

John Tutka, Dwight A, Stiles, Jos. Regan, and John Connolly were released from the Chicago House of Correction during the two weeks ending March 30, 1907.

In 1931, John Glazier wanted to construct two drive-ways across the sidewalk, 24 feet wide, in front of 8030-8040 Anthony Avenue.

Accidents in 1946 included George E. Groom, Fireman, Hook and Ladder Co. 36 who was injured April 22, 1946; and Maurice J. Dore, Patrolman, District 9, who was injured November 19, 1946.

How do we know all this? The Chicago City Council Proceedings are the primary documents that record the business of the city. They include many details about the city and the people who have lived here.

We announced in September that the process of digitizing the published Proceedings was underway through the CARLI Book Digitization Initiative. The 175 volumes covering 1865-1963 (including 12 separate bound indexes for the years 1929-1942) are now available online. The run is complete with the exception of these missing years: 1867-68, 1872-74, 1877-78, 1907-08 and part of 1913. You can access the Proceedings and other digitized items from the Newberry on the Internet Archive.

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