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Chicago City Council Proceedings

Packing the City Council Proceedings

Packing the City Council Proceedings

The Chicago City Council Proceedings are the primary documents that record the business of the city. They include: petitions; ordinances; committee reports; reports on the city’s infrastructure, such as the construction, maintenance and re-naming of city streets; and reports on issues concerning public health and safety. Information on a wide variety of topics fascinating to both historians and genealogists, including schools, jails, epidemics, animal control, wharves and docks, can be found in the Proceedings.

Unfortunately, because most of the Proceedings were not indexed, locating a specific name or event often requires a lot of patient reading. Because of the historical importance of these documents and the limitations in searching them in print format, the Newberry proposed that they be digitized as part of the CARLI Book Digitization Project mentioned in previous posts.

We are excited to report that the Newberry’s proposal was accepted. In July, 177 volumes, covering 1865-1963 (including 12 separate bound indexes for the years 1929-1942) were carefully packed and shipped off in 74 boxes to be digitized. They are being made available on the Internet Archive, free to everyone interested in the history of Chicago.

Watch for our announcement when all of the Proceedings are “live”!

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