Christinae Suecorum Gothorum Vandalorumque Reginae...

Christinae Suecorum Gothorum

Christinae Suecorum Gothorum

Catholic Church. Christina, Queen of Sweden.

Christinae Suecorum Gothorum Vandalorumque Reginae…

(Rome: Typographia Sacrae Congregationis, 1656)

VAULT Case BS2485 .C34 1519

Purchased on the Roger Weiss & Howard Mayer Brown Rare Book Fund.

A Polyglot publication of verse and calligrams welcoming Christina’s arrival in Rome. It includes printing in Latin, Greek, Hebrew and Arabic. A spectacular example of typography produced by the Congregatio de Propaganda Fide, founded in 1622 in the wake of the Counter-Reformation to compete with Protestant missions around the world. Complements the Newberry’s rich collections of Counter-Reformation printing.

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