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Knowing When Your LDS Films Arrive at the Newberry

by Grace Dumelle, Genealogy and Local History Assistant

Recently a patron made a trip from the suburbs to the Newberry, looking for the films he’d ordered.  He received an email notification that they had shipped, and assumed they’d be at the Newberry a couple days later.

That assumption was not correct.  In the online ordering system, an email is sent automatically by FamilySearch when we enter the film as Received.  There can be delays in receiving films because of delays in shipping, such as bad weather and postal holidays.

Sometimes the film has arrived, and been checked in, but there is a problem with email reception.  Your notification may go to your spam folder, or may not reach you if there was a typo in the address you typed when you created your FamilySearch account. The email is the only notification you’ll receive.

If you have gotten a Shipped notice but do not get a Received notice after a week or two, call us at the genealogy reference desk, 312-255-3512. We want to save you an unnecessary trip.


I work behind the scene on the pilot site on Family Search that you made a demo of. You did a good job shwniog how easy it is to find ancestors on line. It's so easy that we'll just have to get more records out there to keep you coming back. Thanks! Keep up the good work.

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