DAR Application Assistance

Christina Bannon, Regent of the Chicago Chapter of the DAR, will be here at the Newberry on Friday, May 9th to provide look-ups in the DAR’s database and to offer advice on the application process. She has won National Awards for her genealogy and membership work as a Genealogy Consultant and Volunteer Genealogist with the DAR. Christina focuses on improving the quality of applications submitted and has recruited over 130 women into DAR membership since 2009.

Christina will be available in the second floor General Reading Room between 11 am and 4 pm. Appointments are not required but are helpful. Contact her at christina@christinabannon.com. If you don’t have a current Newberry reader’s card, stop at the third floor to obtain one. Ask at the circulation or genealogy reference desks for Christina’s location.


Having trouble finding Family census reports in Iowa. My Great Grandfather was married in 1879 in Schuyler county Missouri, sasid he was from Davis, Iowa. I can see several Andrews families in Davis County Plot maps in that era, however no Census reports are showing up. Is this a common problem?
I heard that their might be a book in this library called The Joseph Timberlake Family by Wm R King, also one my Mary King. I need the source of the book and Title page. The information is on pg 64. They want the link between Charles b 1793 to Emilne b 1828 in Tn. The material we sent didn't have the front of the book. She obtained the pages at the Washington, AR Archives NARA.
@ Norma - Unfortunately, the Newberry does not have the book you are looking for. Here's a link to entry in WorldCat which shows the other libraries that do hold "The Joseph Timberlake Family." Perhaps they can assist you. http://www.worldcat.org/oclc/808728271
@ Roderick - If you send us further details using the contact form at: http://www.newberry.org/contact-librarian, we'll be happy to see if we can assist you.


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