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Destination: Newberry

Yesterday, USA Today published an article on the “10 great places to trace family roots” according to Jennifer Utley, head of research at The Newberry is among these “great places” but of course you already knew that!

As Utley says, the Newberry holds materials from across the country and specializes in local history - perfect for genealogical research. We’ve been assisting genealogists since 1887. Visitors are most welcome and all the information you’ll need for a successful visit can be found on our website - including hours and holiday closings and near-by accommodations. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

If you’re a first time visitor or new genealogist, consider timing your visit to take advantage of our free monthly orientation and tour. If you’re coming as a group, we’ll just need you to schedule your visit in advance.

We hope to see you soon!

Note: The USA Today article erroneously stated that Utley wrote a book about using Newberry resources. The book Utley was referring to is the Guide To Local And Family History At The Newberry Library, by Peggy Tuck Sinko, published by Ancestry Publishing. Thanks to our friends Jennifer Utley and Lou Szucs at Ancestry for the mention!


I live in Virginia. Is there anything I can access on line for Italian research or any materials that I can purchase that can help me. I am searching in San Giovanni in fiore , Italy.
Although the Newberry doesn't have any online tools for researching Italian records, we are happy to make other suggestions. You can contact a reference librarian with more specifics on your research and we'll provide whatever assistance we can.

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