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Don't Hold Back In July

From time to time, those of us who wield the mighty power of running the best Book Fair in the Midwest try new things: new bookholders, new table arrangements, etc. (No, we did NOT decide on the rearrangement of the first floor. There are powers even mightier than the Book Fair.)

You might recall, before the Grand Renovation, how we used to have Discourage Donations Months: basically five in the year: October, January, April, July, and August. As the Grand renovation came along, it was decided to do without these. “OUR volunteers can handle all the books coming in!” we cried. “We shall no longer fear book donations!”

So last year we had a record number of boxes of books, without a perfect plan for restocking our supply during the fair. This left us with a bunch of boxes which never got opened, and what with the great donations you’ve been bringing in, and some of the aftermath of the Grand Renovation….

Well, it has been decided that we DO want those No Donations Months. But since we didn’t have them at the regularly scheduled months, we are smooshing them all together in one package. The word has thus gone out that we would prefer not to see any more books donated until after Labor Day.

Yeah, I know. Kinda spoils the fun at this end, too. No, I don’t think calling up on the Book Fair Hotline and complaining will do much good. The only way you can really convince the Powers That Be that we need more books will be available to you in July. Maybe you can guess what it is.

Yep. Come around at the end of July and BUY BOOKS. (And records, and CDs, and DVDs, and these clown bookends, and this Plunger Dispenser Replacement Gauge, whatever that is.) Buy enough that we actually run out of books, and have nothing to offer the schools and jails that come for our leftovers on the Monday after. If you can buy enough that we don’t have anything to offer on Half-Price Day, that would be even better (except for the people who wait and wait for Half Price Day.)

We do HAVE books to sell, after all. Come and buy one of these copies of Jennie and Bennie, a story of two farm children whose faces never appear in the book and are helped through the year by a mysterious fairy who blesses everything they do with success. (Spoiler Alert: the author reveals at the very end of the book that the fairy is good old hard work. I think he published it himself.)

Come and buy all these train books, and train LPs, and this book of train cartoons (Fiddletown and Copperopolis: The Line of Least resistance). If you buy all those, you’ll give the Powers That Be something to choo on.

Come and buy this book signed by Tommy Hilfiger. No, I said BUY it, not shoplift it.

We have scads of old yearbooks. Just today I found I have the Bay View High School yearbook of a legendary member of the Green Bay Packers, the holder of the team record for most interceptions in a season. Unfortunately, he was a sophomore that year, and he is somewhere in one of these group pictures, but still, there he is…somewhere.

Buy a bunch of these treasures (and a copy or two of The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood) and you can help remind the Powers that Book Fairs are wild, exciting creatures not to be reined in. Do that in July (and don’t drop off any books until Labor Day, thanks all the same. Unless you have the right yearbook from Bay View.

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