Elogia virorum bellica virtute illustrium

Elogia virorum bellica virtute illustrium
Elogia virorum bellica virtute illustrium
Paolo Giovio

Pauli Iouii Nouocomensis Episcopi Nucerini Elogia virorum bellica virtute illustrium  septem libris iam olim ab authore comprehensa, et nunc ex eiusdem Musaeo ad viuum expressis imaginibus exornata.

Basel: Pietro Perna, 1575

Wing folio ZP 538 .P42

Gift of the McCormick Theological Seminary. Catalogued and Conserved by a grant from the B. H. Breslauer Foundation.

Bishop of Nocera and humanist historian, Paolo Giovio (1483-1552) assembled a private collection of portraits of virtuous men that formed the basis of this posthumous publication, the first illustrated edition of a work that Giovio had originally published without woodcuts in Florence in 1551. The woodcuts added are by Tobias Stimmer (1539-1584). A recent Newberry fellow, Professor Susan Gaylard pointed out that Giovio in his lifetime had envisioned a version of his work illustrated by hand-colored woodcuts. Our copy appears to be the sole one in which the author’s desire for hand-colored illustration was realized, at least for the frontispiece here displayed. William Traheron, who owned this volume, was a Protestant dissident and a translator from the Spanish of a history of the Roman emperors, copies of which are in the Newberry’s collection.

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