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Exploring the Resources of the Newberry

Saturday, September 8
What: Exploring the Resources of the Newberry Library
Where: Boone County Historical Museum Research Building (west side of main building)
311 Whitney Blvd., Belvidere, IL.
When: 1:30 pm
Who: Ginger Frere
More information: Winnebago & Boone Counties Genealogical Society

The Newberry has been collecting genealogical materials since 1887. Learn about the books, maps, manuscripts and other resources available for to help in your search for American and European ancestors. Ginger is also always willing to answer questions on Chicago history.


Enjoyed the video on the Family Search pilot site. I will start working on it tmroroow. Your Treasure Maps newsletter is very interesting and I have been reading it for a few months now. I am 80 years old and have been doing genealogy for two years now, and I love it. I have found out so much about my family, but my siblings are not impressed. Nevertheless, it gives me something to do that makes my life really satisfying.By the way, I have now indexed 6000 records for Family Search, because I feel that I need to pay back for all the free information that they and others provide to us hobbyists. Good health to you and your family.
I am happy to see this BLOG site as I cannot seem to reach anoyne by telephone to ask my question.As a 80th birthday present to their Mother a family would like to hire a professional Genealogist to complete the research of their grandfather, who was adopted in Boston Mass., and brought to Alberta in 1908.Could you please advise me what the charges would be or a ball park figure as to what the cost might be.
@Greg - As a convenience, the Newberry has an online list of area researchers available at: http://www.newberry.org/sites/default/files/textpage-attachments/researchers.pdf Please note that the library is not responsible for these independent contractors. Contact them directly for rates and availability. You may also want to check with the Association of Professional Genealogists. Their website is: http://www.apgen.org/.

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