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One or two questions have come in from blog readers. They’re not actually Frequently Asked Blog Questions, but I can’t just call them Asked Questions, can I? I never find any Unasked Questions in my mailbox.

Are you as funny in person as in the blog? I can take that several ways, but let’s cut to the chase. When you see me at the Book Fair (I’m the one in the sweat-stained apron) I will probably not be at my wittiest or even my most friendly. I will be surrounded by people sneering at the wonderful books, people asking where Room 5 is as they stand in front of a big sign that says “Room 5”, people asking if I wouldn’t take fifty cents for this five dollar book, people asking why we don’t have a wine bar at the fair…. You are probably the only intelligent person in the crowd, but you understand why I can’t stop and swap book stories at a time like this. (Why DON’T we have a wine bar?)

Where can I find that great book you mentioned in your February 17 blog? I’m not altogether positive. It may be under the proper subject heading or, if expensive, on the Collector’s table. Or someone may have bought it already. Or someone may have picked it up, planning to buy it and set it down just any old where. (These people wear mismatched socks, I betcha.) By the way, I made that date up; don’t try to look up a February 17 blog about great books. I was probably writing about kittens or cashmere socks that day.

Do people still buy encyclopedias in this day of Internet information?  Many do. I hope you will. It’ll be a blow to those people who think the answer to every question is out there in cyberspace.

Are people really still donating books at this point? There are people who will bring books with them to the sale. These people probably knit their own socks.

What kind of socks will you be wearing, oh Dumbledore of Book Fairs? The thickest ones I can fit into my boots. It’s going to be a long weekend.

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