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A Few Notes

It’s a holiday weekend in the middle of the week this year, so I felt I would salute some of my customers in song. No matter what we say or do at the Newberry, there are plenty of people who find shopping for books a contact sport. So I salute these folks—from a safe distance—to a melody badly stolen from Tom Leher’s classic “Be Prepared”.

Grab It Now! That’s the Book Fan’s battle cry!

Grab It Now! Don’t let bargains pass you by!

Grab It Now: those books your auntie said were good, like the Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood

Grab It Now lest some undeserving hoods get that volume that was signed by Tiger Woods

Keep your speed up, since you don’t know where the best books may be found,

Keep your head down and your elbows out as shoppers crowd around;

Swing a handbag that would paralyze a cow!

Grab It Now!


Grab It Now! Snatch up books that you deserve!

Grab It Now! Knock down children while you swerve

Grab It Now for morals learned in Sunday School don’t apply where first editions make you drool!.

Grab It Now: don’t let a pack of filthy schnooks take away that gold-stamped Thesaurus Deluxe!

Charge along the aisles with confidence, within your Kevlar vest,

Though for browsing in the travel books, a helmet might be best:

Folks are pushy: don’t show mercy anyhow!

Grab It Now!


Dan, This is the first ime I have seen your blog! I love it. na

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