Genealogy Education Seminars for Spring 2017 | Newberry

Genealogy Education Seminars for Spring 2017

The Spring semester offers a number of genealogy classes at the Newberry for a range of interests and experience.

Starting on Saturday, February 25, 2017 two multiple session classes will begin. Chicago Roots will run four sessions. While records such as birth certificates and marriage licenses are commonly used by genealogists, knowing where to find a city’s unique records makes tracking those elusive ancestors easier. This seminar will cover research sources and strategies specific to Chicago. The final session will include time for brainstorming solutions to participants’ Chicago research obstacles, or “brick walls.” Genetic Genealogy: Advanced Practical Applications is also four session and begins on February 25th. It is designed to continue where Genetic Genealogy left off. This fast-paced, in-depth course will build on previously acquired skills. Topics include: the accuracy and depth of your tree, genetic networks, misattributed paternity, targeted testing, triangulation, chromosome mapping, and visual phasing. Each session includes in-class exercises to practice at DNA analysis and reasoning skills.

On March 4, 2017 the Genetic Genealogy: GEDmatch - A Power Tool for Autosomal DNA Analysis This two-session seminar provides an in-depth exploration of the many tools available through the free-third party website GEDmatch. These tools substantially increase the user’s ability to derive meaningful information from autosomal DNA test results. The first session explores each tool, including practical case examples. The second session is a guided, hands-on laboratory experience using the participant’s own DNA test results. Genetic Genealogy: Advanced Visual Phasing begins March 25th and will build directly on the Genetic Genealogy: Advanced Practical Application Course. It will teach the technique for visual phasing, finding the crossover points, and identifying the ancestral segments of autosomal DNA for a group of three siblings.

There are five one session courses this Spring. Western European Surnames is on April 8,2017. Every surname has a meaning, and the study of them can give you a revealing glimpse into life in an earlier time.This seminar will focus on English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish surnames, Then, because the roots of many European surnames are uncertain, you will employ a forensic approach to put together etymologies using accessible tools such as language and place name dictionaries. On April 22nd Organizing Your Genealogical Project, Paper and Digital Files will explore creating research and presentation plans, turning your piles of paper into files, completing heirloom inventories, as well as the basics of preserving documents, organizing digital files, and other common-sense suggestions from a leading genealogical expert and organizational consultant. That same day will be Beginning Genealogy: A Crash Course. This class will show you where to begin tracing your family’s history in America. Learn about genealogical relationships, traditional family trees, and charts, DNA testing for kinship, and accredited research methods for finding information at home and in public sources.

Continuing the series the Most Helpful Genealogy Tools You’ve Never Used. Parts 5 and 6 will be on April 29, 2017. Part 5 will cover methods such as Newberry Library’s online resources, 3 solutions to research obstacles, crowd sourcing genealogy research, and customized storage suggestions. Part 6 will cover cemetery tools, organizational tools, national/state/local repository tools, and other free tools and resources among other resources. This is a new part of this series.