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Genealogy Instructor Shares Family Story

Marsha Peterson-Maass, a popular genealogy instructor in the Newberrry Seminar program, has shared this exciting family story with us:

“With one phone call from JPAC (the Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command) in March 2012 to my Peterson side of the family, we learned that the undisturbed remains of my cousin, 2LT Dwight D. Ekstam (Marines co-pilot stationed in the Vanuatu Islands, who was declared MIA when his plane did not return to base on 22 April 1944), had recently been repatriated to Honolulu, Hawaii and positively identified thru a mtDNA match (to his only sibling who had passed away in 2007).  Our family is indeed one of the lucky few; to date, there are still approximately 80,000 World War II U.S. service personnel listed as MIA.  So many extraordinary events led to Dwight’s and his six fellow crewmen’s recovery.”

An article in Quad-Cities Online provides more fascinating details.

Details for upcoming genealogy seminars are now available. 

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