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Gloom, Despair, Agony

I suppose you think working this Book Fair is all reading books and munching peach tart.  Well, as previously noted, there are a million stories in the big city. Some sad ones I heard or overheard at the Jully Book Fair can draw tears in just a sentence or two.

I used to buy books, but now I have a Kindle.

I read all of those when I was in junior high school: disgusting stuff, really. I’m more mature now. Only fifty cents? I’ll take ‘em!

I left my reading glasses at home!

No, thank you. Every time I buy a book I have to get rid of one I already have.

I really don’t understand why you need to READ all the time!

Do you also sell shelving space for the stuff I buy?

That author came out for the wrong candidate last year and now my wife won’t have his books in the house.

No, go ahead and buy it. We don’t need new storm windows this fall.

My dad had this book but my brother threw it away. “How was I supposed to know you wanted it?” he said.

Can I pay for all these but leave half of them here until next week, so my husband doesn’t know how many I bought?

Oh, why can’t you have a sale like this every weekend?

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