Goodbye, Call Slips | Newberry

Goodbye, Call Slips

New System Will Change How Readers Request Newberry Collection Items

December 2014

Filling out individual call slips, by hand, in order to request materials from the Newberry’s collection will soon be a thing of the past. Newberry readers, after creating an account through a software program called Aeon, will be able to reserve collection items with a simple click of the mouse. In addition to bringing greater ease to the user experience, Aeon promises to streamline the processing of requests and the monitoring of materials.

An “implementation committee” of eight Newberry staff members is currently working with Atlas Systems, the company that supports Aeon, to launch the new system at the Newberry. Director of Reader Services Will Hansen leads the committee.

“Aeon will transform how all of our readers, including staff, request items from the Newberry,” says Hansen. “Browsing our collection and placing requests to view items in our reading rooms can happen in quick succession, because request links will be available on individual record pages in our online catalog and in Newberry finding aids.”

Once a user submits a request, that request will automatically populate on workstations used by Newberry reading-room staff. Library assistants will then provide the user with the requested materials, tracking electronically the circulation of those materials within the library to ensure prompt delivery to other points in the building and to maintain the security of the collection.

“Enriching the visitor’s experience at the Newberry and keeping our world-class collection secure are major priorities,” says Hjordis Halvorson, the Roger and Julie Baskes Vice President for Library Services at the Newberry. “The technological support offered by the Aeon software will allow us to address both with even greater effectiveness and efficiency.”

The Aeon system will go live May 1, 2015.