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Goose Crossing

One thing I haven’t mentioned so far for this year’s Book Fair is a large collection of folklore magazines. These can be interesting even if you aren’t interested in folklore, for the letters columns. If you want to see sheer polite contempt and intellectually-worded hatred, there’s nothing like a couple of folklore experts going after each other.

An article did catch my eye, about a long-shelved but seldom-read collection of playground parodies of Mother Goose rhymes. Most of these weren’t terribly funny, and the ones which were still aren’t especially printable, particularly in a nice family blog. They were, alas, inspirational, and suggested what I suspect is only the first round of Blogsy Goose rhymes.

Mary had a little Lamb

And so did Goldilocks;

They put their books together

In one banana box.

When the box was opened,

Guess Who began to cry,

“They brought me volumes one and three

How long, oh Lord…and why?”

Old Mother Hubbard went to the cupboard

And found she had nary a tome,

But Rover was there and ran to the Fair

And brought twenty bags of them home.

Sing, sing, what shall I sing?

Thieves took the Ya-Ya Sisterhood thing!

Do, do, what shall I do?

They could have taken DaVinci Code, too.

Pearl and Pete onWalton Street

To fetch some science fiction;

Pearl bought bags of monster mags

Which Pete called an addiction.

Janet Evanovich, her gold pen

Writes for ladies and gentlemen:

Here’s number nine; here’s number ten:

Janet Evanovich, her gold pen.

Little Bo-Peep was losing sleep

And could not get her rest;

She took a look in Blogsy’s book

And now snores with the best.

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