Historia Tobiae

Historia Tobiae. Wing ZP 538 .P41

Historia Tobiae. Wing ZP 538 .P41

Sebastian Münster

Historia Tobiae per Sebastianum Munsterum iuxta Hebraismum versa ; una cum scholijs eiusdem interpretis.

Basel: Heinrich Petri, 1563

Wing ZP 538 .P41

Gift of the McCormick Theological Seminary. Catalogued and Conserved by a grant from the B. H. Breslauer Foundation.

The Book of Tobit belongs to the Apocrypha, i.e. those Biblical books for which no Hebrew text exists but which formed part of the canonical Old Testament in Greek. Two separate Greek versions of Tobit survive. Sebastian Münster, originally trained in Biblical languages as a Franciscan friar and later a leading Protestant, took one of them, retranslated it into Latin and simultaneously created a new Hebrew version as a veritable recreation of the Hebrew text that had been lost. This second edition is extremely rare, and only two other copies are known. One is in a German regional library, and the other in the National Library of Israel. In addition to being the most distinguished Hebraist of his age, Münster was a celebrated cartographer, and the Newberry’s collections superbly document the intersection of these two interests.

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