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History of the U.S. Federal Census Talk in Lombard

History of the U.S. Federal Census

Date:   Tuesday, January 24
Times:  7:00 pm
Where: Helen Plum Memorial Library Genealogy Club, 110 W. Maple St., Lombard
Who:    Matt Rutherford
More information: Library Adult Services, (630) 627-0316  https://www.helenplum.org/

In genealogy research, we often refer to the decennial U.S. Federal Census simply as “the census.”  But, in fact, it really is twenty-three separate historical documents, each reflecting the purpose, politics, and idiosyncrasies of its era.  We will place each of the censuses in its proper historical context in order to better interpret and apply them to our research.


I do not know how to use this. I am interested in a good history of how our US Federal Census efforts have gone through the years. My special interest is what happened--details--to the census during the War of 1812. Is this speech available? Can you suggest other materials? My library has a great Interlibrary Loan librarian. Thanks
Our U.S. Census Research Guide is full of interesting materials on the U.S. Federal Census. You may want to start with the widely available book, "Your Guide to the Federal Census for Genealogists, Researchers and Family Historians" by Kathleen Hinkley. Consult the list for other books, maps and websites about the census. http://www.newberry.org/sites/default/files/textpage-attachments/Census%20Research%20Guide.pdf

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