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A Hundred Thanks, A Thousand Thanks

Before I get too involved with the business of setting up tables, pushing boxes around, and smiling my smiliest smile at people who demand to know why this copy of The Divine Secrets of The Ya-Ya Sisterhood is a dollar and this one is a buck and a half, I wanted to spend some time expressing my gratitude. I am sometimes accused of Gratitude With Attitude, but we don’t have to be like that. I understand; I really do. You wanted to help out, and I feel that helpfulness must be acknowledged. I’d like to thank:

The person who tied a pair of books together with twine and taped a note to them saying, “These are the last two books of a trilogy.”

The donor who sent in that copy of Treasury of Piano Masterpieces, and added a Post-It Note explaining “Piano Music”.

The lady who sent me a boxful of first editions. In case I failed to notice what they were, she wrote “First Edition” in ballpoint pen on the cover of each one.

The man who sent me volumes 15, 16, and 17 of the 1946 Encyclopaedia Britannica with a note to the effect that he had left these out when he sent me the rest of the set last year

The couple who arranged for us to come get the books out of their apartment while they were out of town and told their real estate man about us but neglected to mention this to the doorman OR, as it turned out, the Head of Security

The lady who always brings us her crossword puzzle books when she’s done all the puzzles AND writes “All Finished” on the covers. Saves the customers lots of time.

Everyone who brought in their records with the discs in one box and the jackets in another

While we’re at it, everyone who donated empty CD cases AND everyone who threw away the CD cases, put all the CDs in one of those handy plastic wallets, and then donated a wallet full of CDs without cases. A special thanks to those of you who put the discs back in the cases, apparently at random. It’s an exciting surprise for someone who thinks they’re buying Smashing Pumpkins to find they really have a perry Como Christmas album.

The person who sent me the shoes, the person who sent me the pillow, and especially the person who sent the box with teapots and books mixed together (do I need to tell you what happened when your yard guy threw the other box of books on top of that one?)

And, above all, the Gratitude of the Year Award for 2011 must go to the people out there who make sure that old banana boxes never die: they just go to the Newberry Book Fair. 

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