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I Hear America Singing

I turned up another one of the Book Fair songs of eons gone by, this one written from the point of view of the customer, for a change.  Print this out, and when you buy that Roy Orbison album at the 2010 Book Fair, you can tuck this in with it.  [or not.]  If it does not become obvious immediately, the vandalized song this time is “Crying”.

1. My place was clean for a while;

The landlord smiled, for a while;

But I went to the Fair,

There were books everywhere

And my hand was on my cash.

Oh, I did quite well;

Anyone could tell

That I’d been buying

Lots more books,


Lots more books,

I was there so long

With all those books all around

I was there





It’s hard to understand

With all these books at hand

I can’t stop buying

2. The landlord scowls when I walk by

I know why, yes, why:

I’ve piled up even more

Than I had before

But really, what can I do?

Cause the Fair’s still there like a double dare


I must be


He must see

Books door to door through the whole first floor

I’ll be Buying


Buying Buying

Buying Buying Buying

I Need Books!

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